“I work in many worlds aesthetically, and it’s a privilege to find such artisans in Randy and Victoria, who are so willing and able to travel together through history, reference, spirit, and nuance. A unique object reflects the deep psyche. We work with Randy and Victoria because they understand this. They absorb the meaning of a design and express it with deep feeling.”

Paul Vincent Wiseman

“Since I discovered Tuell and Reynolds beautiful creations I have used their pieces in every single one of my projects. One of their main inspirations is the streamlined work of rational European designers of the 1930’s to the 1960’s ; Jean- Michel Frank, Paul Dupre-Lafon, all the way to Phillppe Hiquily. They use smooth or hammered bronze and patinaed iron, which they mix with materials like agate, leather, horn, and shells. The result is chic jewelry-like pieces for the home.”