Victoria Reynolds

I was artistic from an early age. Had I been braver, foolhardy, or well funded, I would have pursued a career as a fine arts painter and sculptor, or as an art historian. As this did not seem practical enough to me at the time, I majored in architecture transferring from UCLA to UC Berkeley to accomplish this. While working in architecture for about 10 years, I was slowly transforming into a designer/builder, due to the close proximity of sculptors in my life, the discovery of power tools, and the wondrous prospect of getting to have my hands on the project throughout every phase from concept to final finish.

I am greatly inspired by art and art history, the decorative arts, architecture, and anything made by the hands of humans. It is interesting to me that despite all my efforts to be practical and sensible I did indeed turn out to be a working artist after all, blessed with a powerhouse of a partner in Randy and a clientele who are educated, discerning and adventurous!