Randy Tuell

I have always been a maker of objects. My introduction to the creative process came through my grandfather, a painter of western landscapes, and my father, an architect. Using my hands to manipulate color, tools, and materials, I learned early on to shape my environment. Much of my inspiration is found in the intrinsic beauty of nature and the ongoing study of natural science.

In 1987 I completed a Liberal Arts education earning a BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley. After spending three years as a sculptor’s apprentice to Charles Eames’ son in law Aristides Demitrios, I co-founded Reification, a studio specializing in the fabrication and restoration of architectural metal work. Major restoration projects for SF City Hall and the SF Opera House were noteworthy projects from this time in my life and gave me the experience to handle large and complex projects. This was also the period during which my partnership with Victoria was cemented and in 1999 we founded our own company.

As an artist, my evolving interests lead me to pursue a niche that lands somewhere between architecture and jewelry. Traditional metal working skills are becoming a lost art: By mentoring and educating the younger people I work with, learning from the older disappearing generation of skilled artisans, and collecting, maintaining, and using traditional tools which allow the hand of the maker full expression ,I try to fight this trend. However do not try to take my 3d printer away from me – I love new technology and tools as well.

When asked what I do I say I am a sculptor, that I design and manufacture a line of furnishings and do custom metalwork with exquisite details. If I won the lottery I would still need to make these things.