Partners Randy Tuell and Victoria Reynolds

We met in college where we both had the good fortune to have work study positions in the architectural slide library at UC Berkeley where we were pursuing architecture degrees. Victoria was challenged by the alphabet and Randy was memorizing every slide so the filing went very slowly. Now with a working relationship of 30 years, there is a highly productive partnership where our skills compliment each other. Victoria is more traditional and is extremely grounded into classic design such as french modernism of the 30 and 40s; Randy is more inventive. Randy thinks with the materials in his hands; Victoria does much of her thinking with drawings. We are very happy with where our friendship has taken us and we both love what we do.

“There is some tension between us combined with complete trust and faith. We share a common aesthetic, along with an extensive library and a collection of antique scientific implements, surveying equipment, fossils, seed pods, and minerals. The one thing we always agree upon is that the object we are designing will at some point take on a life of it’s own and once we both see that we just go with it and the object takes the lead.”